What Message Do The Miraculous Works Of God Convey By Joshua Selman At Rhema Feast 2022.

The Rhema Feast 2022 that ended last night has brought revival memories that hit our nation some years back. One cannot but remember when Rev Teresia Wairimu would preach at Uhuru Park and the lame would walk, the deaf would hear, the blind would see and thousands would run to receive Jesus as their Saviour. These were the days when Bishop Margaret of Banana would throw her sweater to a sick person and they would receive instant deliverance.

Today these ministers of the gospel and many others including my own spiritual leaders Bishop Dr. Michael Musango and Rev Mercy Love Musango continue to walk in the miraculous works of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God for what he is doing in the body of Jesus Christ.

In the just concluded Rhema Feast 2022, many miracles happened as the ministers of the gospel ministered the word of God. Notable among them were diverse physical healing where some got healed from stroke, and diabetes, and others walked after many years. To God be the glory for these wonderful deeds.

Apostle Joshua Selman one of the speakers of the Rhema Feast 2022 said something that I found profound, that God is not looking for celebrities but ambassadors.   In one of the teachings, he enumerated three major messages that the miraculous works of God convey to mankind. The miraculous works are not for making the preacher famous for they are just a conduit that God uses to show His Power and Love to mankind.

One of the messages the miraculous works of God convey is HIS LOVE to us. In other words, when God performs a miracle, he is telling you that he loves you. When God heals you, it is his message to you that he loves you.

The second message the miraculous works convey is that GOD IS MIGHTY AND POWERFUL. God shows His power when miracles happen. This reminds me that God is OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, and OMNIPOTENT. Our God is all present, All-knowing, and All-Powerful. Nothing is impossible with Him and what is impossible to men is POSSIBLE with God.

Thirdly the miraculous works of God act as a CATALYST for global evangelism. Many hard and stony hearts melt when they see cripples walk and the blind see. One of the easiest ways to evangelize is to walk in this dimension of the miraculous works of God.  A sinner easily gives their life to Jesus Christ if they see the miraculous works of God in the church of Jesus Christ.

I believe we can all walk in the dimension of the miraculous works of God if we could understand their purpose as enumerated by Apostle Joshua Selman. Remember we are “gods” and must refuse to die like mere men for we are not as preached by Bishop J.B.Masinde. You must also ask yourself whether God can TRUST you as preached by Apostle Kimani. Another important question you must ask yourself is whether you are and will be a good STEWARD as preached in our church by Bishop Musango.

What did you learn from the just concluded  Rhema Feast 2022?

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