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Meet Dr. Mary Mugo

Dr. Mary Mugo is an innovative academic scholar per excellence who has published many scholarly journal articles and books. She has impressive achievements which have been enriched by her diverse experiences in academia, consultancies, private & public institutions and communities. Her extensive experience encompasses Strategic Management, Leadership, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

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We offer consultancy in the areas of Strategy Development, Team Development/Building, Mentoring, Public and Conference Speaking and Branding.

Strategic Management

We help organizations to come up with effective and actionable strategic plans and turn around strategic plans.

Strategic Marketing

We manage organization products in their different stages in the product life cycle and ensure they achieve brand equity.

Strategic Leadership

We take cognisance of the importance of leadership in any organization

Tuition and Revision For Professional Courses and Examinations

Professional qualification and certification is critical in your job search and career progression. We offer Tuition and Revision for professional courses and examinations. Study and revise at your own pace by registering in mytutor today.

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We offer value plus

We develop innovative solutions to grow your business & wow your customers.


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Published Books

Get a copy of my published books to help you grow.


Communicate to Convert

Communicate to Convert, provides a comprehensive overview of the marketing communication field, including the latest trends and best practices. Marketing communication is a critical aspect of any business, and this book helps you to understand the various methods and channels that you can use to communicate with customers and prospects.
Throughout the book, real-world examples and case studies are used to illustrate key concepts and strategies. The book also includes practical guidelines that can be used to develop and implement marketing communication campaigns.
Whether you are a marketing professional, a business owner, or a marketing student, this book provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop and execute effective marketing communication campaigns. The author combines a managerial perspective with contemporary set of principles, incorporating such recent developments in marketing communication such as e-commerce and new media. With this book, you will be well equipped to manage your marketing communication processes, including building brand awareness, direct marketing, packaging and online presence to help achieve your business objectives.


The Winning Strategy

One of the keys to organizational success is strategic positioning in the market in which organization operates, with the aim of gaining competitive advantage. A fish will eventually die if it is out of the water and a bird thrown in water cannot fly and hence the need for any organization to understand the environment in which it operates, be able to formulate winning strategies and achieve above average returns. This book systematically and practically explains the process of strategic planning from how to craft mission, vision, and objectives to how an organization can analyze its internal and external environment and competitors. The book discusses how an organization can formulate, implement, evaluate and monitor its strategies effectively. An organization that drifts through without any plan has no future and is likely to die or not earn above-average returns. This is an easy-to-read book with relevant practical exercises at the end of every chapter to help the reader fully understand and apply the lessons learned. This book will help any organization to know where they are, where they are going and how to get there because doing the wrong thing efficiently has no eventual benefit to the organization.


Growing a Business Empire

Building a growing and enduring business is the dream of every entrepreneur. Every business leader desires to hand over leadership to a person who will ensure sustainable growth and continuity. Many businesses have stagnated and failed totake advantage of the international market due to ineffective succession planning. Effective management succession coupled with the right growth strategies is critical to the growth of any organization.


How to Thrive and Influence Your Workplace

As the saying goes, “an organization is as good as its people”. It takes one toxic employee, one bad apple to pull down the rest


Dissecting the Heart of Leadership

True Leadership is a prerequisite of every successful initiative at all levels. The state of underdevelopment in Africa is an outcome of poor leadership. Organizations succeed because the leadership is deliberate in making them succeed. True Leaders look for opportunities in a crisis. This book explores the heart of leadership with practical examples of great leaders in Kenya. Sharpen your ax and you will require little strength to succeed.

Our Branding services

Branded Items

We make high quality customized promotional and branded items for organizations and individuals. These include among others Mugs, Water bottles, Diaries, T-shirts, Caps, Shirts and Posters. Give us a call and build your brand.


The team building was the best forum I have ever attended since I started my career in 2001. So much to learn. I had no idea you are such a gifted facilitator! I have no words to describe it. It was very good. Since I got employed 19 years ago, I have never laughed the way I did with my colleagues freely in any organization. The lessons are a lifetime application. I have attended workshops, training and conferences in organizations I have worked but I have realized organizations never invest in team buildings which is very VERY important. I don't feel the same Faith I was before I went for team building. I have a totally different perception on many things. What I learnt is life application in my world with family, colleagues, my chamas, extended families, friends and people generally. I love giving candid feedback Dr. Mugo. I'm grateful. Keep impacting lives.
Faith Mwai
Your latest book, Dissecting The Heart Of Leadership has helped our institution to differentiate Between being a leader and a manager. It has helped our school to balance the role of a manager and a leader and lean more towards being leaders. This has resulted to high morale amongst the employees and an easy time for the leaders in the different departments. We have not only loved your trainings but also embraced them to the core
Tassia School

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Nursing council of Kenya