How To Revise Your KUCCPS Degree, Diploma And Certificate Courses 2021/2022

The online application system for placement to universities and colleges under Government Sponsorship is open with a deadline for application slotted for June 2 Thursday 2022. Students and parents must be careful and strategic as they revise the various courses.

The first step is to decide the program/s you would like to undertake. Thereafter you should check the universities offering the programs of your choice. After you have decided on the program and university, you then check whether you meet the basic requirements. The easiest way to check if you meet the requirements is to fill in the code of the specific program in the university of your choice into the students’ portal.

The order of filling in the code and the university is important if you have to be placed by Kuccps in the first revision. Ensure you fill in the universities that will not attract thousands in the first revision. Some Universities that are well known are likely to attract all the qualified students making it difficult for a student to be placed in the first revision. Be strategic in the way you fill the universities to ensure if you miss 1a, you can be placed in 1b or 1c. The 1a, 1b, and 1c must be similar programs.

In my interaction with students, most want to fill universities far away from home. Whereas there is nothing wrong with this, take into consideration the convenience, the cost of living, other programs offered by the university, and its reputation. The number of programs a university offers is particularly important because you have the opportunity to change your placed course to another in what is known as interfaculty transfer once you report.

The convenience and the cost of living are key when you choose the university. You need to choose a university that is easily accessible and with a manageable cost of living. The hostel, transportation, and food costs should be key as you consider the university of choice. Remember the reputation of the university is as important and will affect you for life. Avoid peer pressure and be strategic and wise!

Dr. Mary Mugo
Strategy, Governance, and Management Consultant.


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