This is What Every Form Four Candidate and Secondary School Student Must Know To Be Spoilt For Choice.Why C Plus is Necessary But Not Enough To Join A Course Of Your Choice In The University.

The current minimum grade for university entry is C Plus but is it enough? There are many students in the just concluded KUCCPs revision who had a hard time meeting the requirements for their courses of choice. Some had Bs but found it difficult to qualify for the courses they wanted. Why so? This is because someone misled and misinformed them that they only needed a C plus to get entry into the University.

Every Form 4 and secondary student must know that scoring a C plus is necessary but not enough. They must understand that different courses require different subjects for one to qualify. To do clinical medicine or nursing for example requires a minimum C Plus in Mathematics/Physics, English/Kiswahili, Chemistry, and Biology. I know some students who could not qualify for clinical medicine or nursing just because they did not score a C plus in Chemistry. Others have missed their courses of choice because they did not do well in mathematics. The student must therefore take the right combination from the beginning.

The other important thing that every form four student and every secondary student must understand is cut-off points. Different courses have different cut-off points in different universities. It is possible for the same course to have different cut-off points depending on the university of your choice. You must therefore endeavor to score high grades in the subjects required for your course of choice.

Every student must begin to identify their course of choice and work towards scoring good grades in the required subjects. To be safe the student should work towards getting a C plus in all the 5 compulsory subjects and a C in  2 sciences and only then shall they be spoilt for choice.

Do not spoil your good grade with Ds! It is not wise to have a mean grade of B and score some subjects Ds and Cs. Learn to use the formulae Overall Grade = 5X + 2 (X-1) where X is the grade per subject. and 5 are the compulsory subjects, with 2 being the two sciences and thank me later.

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Dr. Mary Mugo
Strategy, Governance, and Management Consultant.



2 thoughts on “This is What Every Form Four Candidate and Secondary School Student Must Know To Be Spoilt For Choice.Why C Plus is Necessary But Not Enough To Join A Course Of Your Choice In The University.”

  1. A very informative article. From real life, my sister scored a C+ but she was unable to find a course that she needed.
    Students should focus more on balancing on the core subjects for every course that they dream of doing.

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