What Next After KCSE Results?Your Grade Does Not Define Who You Are.

The KCSE results for the class of 2021 are out. Congratulations to those that scored what they expected.Special Congratulations to Mike my younger Dad for scoring an A-minus, Niece Sheks for a B plain, and to The Seat of Wisdom Mariari Girls in Mbeere South where I serve as BOM for exemplary results.

Congratulations to all that sat for the examinations. For those that feel discouraged because they scored a grade lower than they expected, do not be discouraged. I am of the opinion that your grade does not define who you are. What you do with your grade is what matters.

For those that have scored C plus and above, it’s time to start thinking of the course you want to pursue in the university. Choose a course that you have a passion for. Parents should guide their children on the various courses available. Once you decide on the course choose your universities carefully to avoid not being placed by KUCCPs the first time. Parents should allow their children to pursue their dreams and not their parents dream.

Those that have scored D plus you qualify to join any tertiary institution. Those with C minus or C plain can join either tertiary institutions or pursue certificates and diplomas respectively in universities. They can thereafter join the degree course if they wish to continue. Those with D minus and below you can join polytechnics and learn a course of your choice.

Parents should encourage their children irrespective of the grade they scored. Being street smart is not the same as scoring a high grade. Remain positive irrespective of the grade you scored and move on. Success is based on pursuing your purpose not your grades. Find your purpose and fulfil it and you will prosper.

Once again congratulations to the class of 2021!

Dr. Mary Mugo
Strategy, Governance, and Management Consultant.

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