Are New Year Resolutions and Goals Necessary? Should you have Resolutions’ or Goals? What is the Difference Between Resolutions and Goals? How do you Create The Future You Want To See.

The new year is here with us and quite young. Year in and year out you have been penning down resolutions, most of which you rarely follow through on, right? How many of the resolutions you had last year did you fulfill?  I know many of you reading this article have or are in the process of writing their resolutions which they will probably do or not do much about. Do you think having new year’s resolutions or goals is necessary? Why or why not?

What in your view is the meaning of a resolution? Should you be coming up with resolutions or goals for the year? A resolution in my view is about what you want to change. A goal on the other hand is more about what you want to achieve. Setting goals will include coming up with the steps you need to take to achieve the goals and by when you want to achieve the goals.

For resolutions to be effective, you may need to rephrase them into goals. This will make them stronger and easier to achieve. Goals must be CSMART– Challenging, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. They also must also be what I call in my book The Winning Strategy TARMAC-Timely, Attainable, Relevant, Measurable, Ambitious, and Challenging. Recently Donald and Charles have indicated that the goals should be FAST– Frequently discussed, Ambitious, Specific, and Transparent.

Many set generalized resolutions or goals such as to grow our school, grow our church, increase our customers, lose weight, pray more, go to school et al. Such statements are very hard to follow through and measure if achieved or not. Instead, you should rephrase such to for example Grow the church from 300 members to 600 members by December 2023.  After writing the goal you then go ahead and write how you intend to achieve the goal. Using our example of growing the church, you write the activities such as holding one crusade every week to help you achieve the goal.  It is also important to monitor how well you are achieving your goals. The monitoring can be monthly with an evaluation being done for example quarterly. Write one your goals in the article comment section for review.

You must avoid generalizing your goals and ensure they are either CSMART, TARMAC, and/or FAST. It is up to you to create the future you want to see by doing the right thing starting NOW.

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