Day One At The Supreme Court Of Kenya During The Hearing Of The Presidential Poll Petition: The Supreme Court Judge Questions For Clarification.

Today the petitioners had their time in the Supreme Court. This is what the Supreme Court Judges had to say as they sought clarification from the advocates.

Justice Njoki Ndung’u to SC Philip Murgor:
“Form 34As are written in handwriting (different people’s handwriting), how can you explain then how a form can be changed?” Justice Njoki Ndung’u also asked: Each of the elections is separate, presidential, governor all the way to MCA, can an MCA candidate also claim voter suppression?

Justice Isaac Lenaola: At what point did the four commissioners realize that the election results had been tampered with,? “Cholera and the other three commissioners were publicly reading the results until the eleventh hour, what evidence do we have that this is not an afterthought?

Justice Philomena Mwilu:  If this commission was so dysfunctional, that everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, how do we effect your relief that we announce another winner? At one point she said the commissioner submissions are like a video she saw saying ni kama drama ni kama video. She further asked, In the event, we arrive at figures that show that either Ruto or Raila has more votes, what are we to do? Are we still to declare irrespective of all other processes having been impugned as submitted to us today?

Justice Smokin Wanjala: Is it possible that the form 34A that was captured magically mid-air was also captured while on-road Enroute Bomas? He further asked;  Can the hackers change the physical Form 34A being delivered by road to Bomas?

CJ Martha Koome: We were seeing the commissioners regularly announcing the results together, at exactly what point did they become dysfunctional as a corporate identity?


More to follow

Truly this is the Supreme Court!

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