Is Regulation The Solution For The Bodaboda Riders Madness

The bodaboda riders in Kenya don’t seem to have a very good reputation. Most are known to do as they please on the roads, and whether they hit or are hit by a car, the car owner will suffer the consequences. They will team up and surround the car owner in hundreds and at times extort money from the car owner.

The event that happened on Wangari Maathai Road where the bodaboda riders harassed a lady has sparked debate on what should be done to curb this menace. President Kenyatta has ordered a crackdown on all boda boda operators in Nairobi and across the country. Is what we are trying to do too little too late?Will regulation and registration sort out this menace?

I am of the opinion that regulation and registration are good but it is not the solution. It is not the solution because it is the symptom and not the root cause of the problem. The problem in this country is very few people if any follow the law and use common sense on the roads. I don’t think regulation is the solution, it’s the Kenyan attitude that is the problem. Even matatus have SACCOs and still behave badly, they no longer follow michuki rules. We are simply lawless human beings who will bribe their way out of regulations.

I am sure you have encountered a driver who willingly refuses to give way and blocks everyone else creating unnecessary and avoidable jams. You have seen our leaders and high-ranking government officials flouting traffic rules with the attitude “mtado”.

Why does it shock us and the leadership that the bodaboda riders behave the way they do? Are they not the same leaders who use them in their campaigns to harass competitors and further their political goals? People are a reflection of their leaders. They are doing what they see you do.

All the government needs to do in my opinion is to enforce the law to all regardless of class and status. The drivers need to simply follow the traffic rules and do the right thing. This is the solution to this menace in my view. All that is needed is attitude change by all of us.

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Dr. Mary Mugo

Strategy, Governance and Management Consultant


16 thoughts on “Is Regulation The Solution For The Bodaboda Riders Madness”

  1. The law must be implemented to later so as to make sure that all road users are safe. As BM said if not regulated broda boda riders will be worse than terrorists. We have witnessed this guys terrorised police officers in broad day light ( refer to the mwiki instance). The fast the implementation the better for a Kenyans.

    1. The bodaboda should b desbanded and all the saccos to be deregisterd for six months then they b registerd a fresh,and they must have psv certs

      1. What about those who obey the traffic guidelines, what about those who depend on the bodaboda business to sustain themselves and their families. What is needed is regulating the industry and ensuring that their is a close monitoring. Let them be licenced, not this business of someone waking up from nowhere with the intentions of frustrating others going to the roads. Let them be registered in saccos, this will ensure that every rider is a brother’s keeper and it will ensure that we don’t have criminals in our roads.
        Plus the officers should be monitoring them 24/7

        1. I don’t think regulation is the solution, it’s the Kenyan attitude that is the problem. Even matatus have SACCOs and still behave badly, they no longer follow michuki rules. We are simply lawless human beings who will bribe their way out of regulations.

  2. On my view, the boda boda riders and boda boda sector as a whole should be well monitored in such a way that their biometric information are captured (name, number plates, stage and validity of license), thereafter, let the law apply to them like any other road users.

  3. A very articulate.view of what the elephant in the room is really is!
    Laws that are not implemented or enforced are useless and will lead to such anarchy.
    Crackdowns or whatever other name we will want to give our laxity on law enforcement amount to noise. The vicious cycle will continue.

  4. Our behaviour today is a culture cultivated or nurtured to someone by someone in the past our society and especially most of Kenyan society is a selfness rather self centered regime. We more reliably dwell on that’s my so and nothing can be done to me injustices have prevailed in our society like we are from utopia tha no one should challenge our acts. This is just but a comment that the government should not only instil general strict guidelines of ethics to society but also should put in place keenly follow up to the latter real discipline pro ess. The media and also social media should be tasked to carry out enlightening teaching on good citizenship. Nevertheless, it’s on personal point of view that proper regulation channels should be put in place and be followed to implementation.and perfect performance for societal reformation

  5. 1.Didn’t hear politician on this I only heard The president condemning them ama kura zitapotea?
    2 if they are regulated the better…don’t want to mention how they congests Meru road near kirinyaga ..

  6. Should Boda Boda be allowed to transport people or luggage? We need a rethink on the best use of motor cyclists. What is their use in other jurisdictions? Their use should be restricted to remote areas not served by public transport. They should not be allowed on national roads with heavy traffic.

    1. Thank you Doc for your comment. You have a point.My question is why are they full in major cities including Nairobi?It means they have customers more so if one wants to avoid jam. I think they should simply follow the rules which are to follow cars not to drive kando kando as they do.

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