This is Why Best Employees Quit Organizations & Positions.

Why is it that in some organizations, good employees stay for very long, and in others, the good employees never last? What is unique with and in such organizations?  Why is it that in some departments or sections employees keep leaving? I am sure you know an organization where good employees are always frustrated by their supervisors, why so?

Managing and retaining the best employees in the organization or in a position is a complicated affair. Employees come to the organization with different personalities and needs. Some employees join an organization purely to put bread on the table, others to unlock their potential, and others to see the organization grow as they grow. A manager must therefore manage every employee’s expectation for maximum output.

So why do the best employees quit organizations or positions? One of the major reason is when the employee feels the coworkers and the supervisor does not trust or respect them. When you micromanage employees and you don’t listen to their opinions or views on their work, leave the employee with no autonomy to perform their duties and you have no open and honest conversation with them, then expect the best employees to quit.

The second major reason why good employees leave is a toxic working environment and poor organizational culture in the workplace. Having coworkers or a supervisor who is toxic and exhibits negative energy with bullying tendencies is a recipe for good employees to quit. When employees begin to feel disengaged, not supported to do their work, and feel there is a lack of transparency in the organization they quit.

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The other major reason why good employees quit is poor leadership in the organization. Some supervisors for lack of training and personalities that clash with employees mishandle the best employees under their jurisdiction. Some may just be incompetent, inexperienced, bullies, bossy, or simply let power get into their heads.

Ineffective leadership either at the top or across the organization affects the willingness of any employee to remain in the organization. When employees do not see a leadership that is committed to growing the organization and creating a positive work environment they quit.

Finally, good employees do not quit organizations, they quit bad bosses!

What other reasons do you think would make good employees quit organizations? What made you quit a department or an organization? Leave us a comment.

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Dr. Mary Mugo

Strategy, Governance and Management Consultant

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10 thoughts on “This is Why Best Employees Quit Organizations & Positions.”

  1. A lot of the challenges we face even in the work place are caused by not allowing God’s will to reign in our lives. Sometimes it’s by opposition that we drift to where God really intended us to be….

  2. Nice article.
    Some employees join a certain organisation with the aim of having quite stable income for them to save then later start their own businesses.
    Others go to an organisation with a personal serving period limits. Some have an aim of working for 20 years then quit to venture into their own businesses.
    Another reason is political desires. Some employees quit work because they want to venture into politics and ‘serve’ people on a community.
    Deteriorating health conditions. Someone might fall sick and it forces him/her to quit the job


      1. A true reflection of today’s organizations, we don’t just go for salary. At first one might be interested because of salary but after sometime the employee realizes that they need a good boss, favourable environment and a friendly work culture which if it’s not available they quit without even blinking so long as their is a better alternative with better offers.

  3. Human beings are a unique resource and should be treated just as such. If an organisation leaves its manpower hanging in the balance, the human capital will navigate its way out of the cocoon to where they feel welcome and treated humanly. Generally there is no universal way to mange human beings but ethics must carry the day.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, human beings are simply human, not machines, and every manager must manage them differently though there are some things that are similar to all like ethics as you have said, and fairness among others.

  4. The act of being boss and in some organisations the culture of the organization make good people go for example this is where some manager have stayed or worked for several years in the same company and in the same position, they don’t embrace change tagging their mind on the period they have been in that organization,they have no experience in any other company,you find that someone has worked in the company for many year so nothing you can tell them, especially the deputy sales managers and supervisors.

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