Why All The Propaganda By Some High Ranking Kenyans About The Top Presidential Candidates? Is It Necessary? Is It Strategic?

The political heat is becoming hotter by the day. Bloggers for different candidates have perfected the art of using propaganda in their campaigns. We have witnessed the likes of Mutahi blatantly lying to the masses to get mileage. Most Kenyans have dismissed these bloggers as people paid by their masters to soil the names of their competitors.

Propaganda refers to the dissemination of information, mostly arguments, rumors, half-truths, or lies to influence public opinion.  Propaganda is deliberate and manipulative in nature and has been used for the last many years to influence public opinion.

How does propaganda strategically work? You must have a goal for your propaganda. Then agree on who should distribute the propaganda, that is whether the propagandists or their agents.

There is a need to decide what symbols and kind of information to be used and on what media platforms. Determine the kind of reaction you would want to elicit and the specific reactors you are aiming at. You don’t aim at everyone with your propaganda.

You must have in mind the countermeasures the opponents are likely to use to neutralize or suppress the propaganda. It is for instance lack of creativity to do some photoshop as propaganda for an event that was fully covered live. This instead of changing the opinion of the public may end up working for your opponent as many will see it as outright hatred.

Each camp must therefore ensure their propaganda is strategic if they have to change the opinions of the voters.

What is your take on the propaganda being used by the top contenders? Have you changed your opinion about any of them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Dr. Mary Mugo
Strategy, Governance, and Management Consultant.



2 thoughts on “Why All The Propaganda By Some High Ranking Kenyans About The Top Presidential Candidates? Is It Necessary? Is It Strategic?”

  1. Propaganda is a strategic tool used to shape public opinion that is most effective in segments of the population that is mostly undecided and rely on social media platforms to get “factual” information about the contenders..it also has both positive and negative effect on the candidates publicity.. depending on the perception of the information posted..it may also increase/decrease your public approval..ultimately it sways a few votes either way but not significantly..

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