Why The Dogs Are Barking and Their Owners. Who Are The Dogs Barking For?

We are a few weeks to the elections and the barking is becoming louder by the day. There is a saying that when you see a dog barking, find out the owner behind the barking.  Ordinarily barking is one of the languages dogs use to communicate.

The barking changes depending on the situation. At times the dogs bark at each other, they may bark to be seen to be playful and show friendship and excitement. Other times dogs bark because someone is at the door or when they see something in their territory. Dogs may also bark to seek attention from their owners and those around them.  Some dogs bark out of fear or anger and this kind of barking is said to last longer albeit not loud. There are dogs that bark because they are nervous and looking for a way to stay away from other dogs.

We need to understand why the dogs are barking barely 16 days to the general election. Are they barking for themselves or for someone else? I am of the opinion some are barking because they are frightened for the day of reckoning is near.

There could be others who are barking because they are excited about the happenings. Some of them are barking to seek attention from their opponents and Kenyans. Others are backing to pass a message to their opponents that this is my territory and must be protected. There could be some who are frustrated and the only way to react is to bark.

We have in the past rewarded dogs for their barking and I believe that is why many have learned to use barking for their benefit. Why is it difficult for us to do the right thing from the beginning? Why are we unable to trust our independent bodies? Why can’t we leave IEBC to independently do its work?

I am of the opinion if you have a dog in your house and it is you who barks, you are simply insane! Similarly, if you employ someone to work for you and you begin to do their work, you simply are insane! If you are a manager give employees in your organization the opportunity to do what you employed them to do. Give IEBC the opportunity to do what the law allows them to do.

If a dog continues to bark when there is nothing serious, the owner may not take the dog seriously. Think twice before you bark for Kenyans may not take you seriously.

So why do you think the dogs are barking and for whom?

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Dr. Mary Mugo
Strategy, Governance, and Management Consultant.



4 thoughts on “Why The Dogs Are Barking and Their Owners. Who Are The Dogs Barking For?”

  1. Charles Malack Oloo

    Looks great piece: those” other dogs” should stop barking aimlessly. When IEBC is questioned for perceived malpractices, it is more than barking. Let them not be reactive but just prove to the “dogs” that they are doing their work: these media matters etc are like washing very dirty linen in the wrong place. It is only in Kenya where those who complain loudest are rewarded, so we need patience and not agitation. Some of us who served in peacekeeping know that these careless utterances and misuse of innocent followers can be detrimental.

    1. Dr Kamau Kinyua

      whilst some dogs could be barking genuinely, others doing it to attract unnecessary attention.

      It is important to consider why the dog is barking in order to adequately and effectively address the problem.

      Maybe after 9th August, a proper dogs barking strategy will be deployed to undress these traits.

      Good morning.

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