This is the bare minimum that organizations should offer their employees.

The motivation of staff is critical in an organization. Employee Motivation will affect productivity in an organization. I have heard many managers state that human capital is the most important asset in the organization. The question is how well is your organization taking care of this so-called important asset?

Managers need to stop using the traditional approach to motivating staff. Employees are not economic people and will not work harder just because you are paying them well. Paying your employees is good but will not motivate them. Having good working conditions, great company policies, big offices, office tea, and superb interpersonal relationships are good but they do not motivate your employees. These are simply what Herzberg calls hygiene factors. They are the bare minimum that any serious organization must offer its employees. Understand that you are not doing any favor to your employees when you give them these basic needs.

The presence of such factors only removes dissatisfaction. They do not cause the employees to be satisfied and motivated to work. Managers should therefore stop thinking that they are motivating employees by providing these basic factors to them. Managers must endeavor to remove dissatisfaction among employees by providing these hygiene factors to meet their basic needs. In organizations where such factors are lacking or poor work is dissatisfying.

Managers must begin to use motivators to meet the higher-level needs of their employees. Recognition, responsibility, opportunity for growth, and achievement are the factors that motivate employees. Employees will be motivated where there is a clear expectation, direction, and feedback.  Such factors will influence job satisfaction and if present in a job, employees are highly motivated and satisfied. In organizations where such factors are absent, employees are neutral towards their work.

Managers must understand that employees are motivated by different things. You must therefore learn what employees want to motivate them. You cannot use the same motivating factors for all employees. Train and develop your employees to be able to work better in their current jobs or take up responsibility. Create a culture where employees are motivated by the work they do.

Ensure there is employee engagement and involvement in the workplace. Keep your employees informed through effective communication. In organizations where there is a lack of communication, employees are demotivated. Stop communicating only when you must, instead communicate regularly as you build relationships with your employees. This is what motivates employees.

How would you rate the organization where you work? Are they providing the hygiene factors or do they think it is a favor? What motivates you? If you had a one on one conversation with your supervisor on motivation, what would you tell them? Leave us a comment and share the article widely.

Dr. Mary Mugo

Strategy, Governance and Management Consultant





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    As a practising Human Resource manager this is the whole truth Dr Mary Mugo. Thank you for sharing.
    This is timey. Keep up the good work.

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